What we do

From the local dialect, Ca’ di Ach means the house where things happen.

Created as an alternative reality in the Valley, our project finds roots into the ideology of the Friends of Nature movement.
Ca di Ach is something simple but truly genuine, we’d like to share the beauty of our Valley, to confront our experience and to gain experience from other people.
These are few activities organized at Ca’ di Ach:
  • Trekking
  • Mountain biking
  • Yoga for kids and adults
  • Workshop on how to recognize local herbs and their use in cooking
  • Lab on how to make soap, jams, toothpaste…
  • Recycling paper workshop
  • Macramè workshop
  • Workshop on how to facilitate and improve control of our inner feelings
  • Music workshops and gigs
  • Organized journey to other alternative realities such as the Eco Villages net around Italy and much, much more…
What we are trying to create here at Ca di Ach, is a sort of meeting point,a place where you can feel free, from hanging around our garden or hiking our beautiful mountains,we want to give people the right space and just to let it unwrapping.
With the help of different collaborators and friends we create and organize all the activities, so we are always open to new proposals and new collaborators that are keen to share their passions, knowledge with us, no matter if its for a day, a week or even more.