Our Landscape

The Valle di Scalve is enclosed between Valle Camonica, Valtellina and Val Seriana, stretched for about 19 kilometers and surrounded by a spectacular mountain range.

Few of these peaks are the Presolana (2521 m), Pizzo Tornello (2687 m), the Cimon della Bagozza (2409 m) and just to mention another one, the Pizzo Camino (2492 m).
Named Skalf (fissure) by the Celtics in visit, is worth to take the adventouros road from Passo Vivione to the Presolana to truly understand the etymology of the word Skalf. The main road that will lead you here is the Via Mala, engraved inside the slope of our rocky mountain.
Four little villages, for a total of a bit more than 4000 inhabitants, the Valle di Scalve is a perfect playground for Nature’s lovers. Beautiful trekkings start just outside our house, a short stroll will bring you to our nordic skiing piste, the iron mines with the little train for a tour into the history and into the mountain of the Valley and so on…
Azzone, one of the villages has a lovely natural reserve, Parco del Giovetto, from Vilminore you can get to the Gleno Dam, forever into the “Scalvini’s mind” for the disaster of 1923 and Colere with the steepy skiing slopes and the climbing rocks.
And there are less beaten trails that we would love to show you….