Cà di Ach


“The change is never painful only the resistance to change is painful”

That’s why my project, Cà di Ach, is a place that borns and time to time reborns.

Before being a house surrounded by beautiful mountains, it’s a state of mind, a way to be, the desire to stay, stop and observe what happens inside and outside.

It’s a place in the heart full of colors, ideas and emotions in all its shades; it is an attitude to hope and trust that everything that comes is exactly what we need.

After many years abroad and a big passion for travels, I’ve started to feel that I’d have liked to stop somewhere (at least physically) for a while in order to create a place that keeps moving and changing , where people can grow and feel at home.

I’ve started to feel that I wanted to practice what I’ve learnt and be patient in order to see things growing.

My vision is to create a meeting and sharing place because is from confronting ourselves with the other, the different, the unknown, that we can always have different points of view.

After having been passionate and attracted from oriental spirituality and exotic countries, I felt the need to go back home. There is not one right path but everybody need to find is own.. mine is a “way back” to nature, herbs, hands dirty of soil…my masters have become the mountains and all the people that, passing by,  take and give something.

Cà di Ach has turned from an idea into a real project after having met  Italo and Marinella, the honors of the house in Saviore, and it has become part of the Friends of Nature’s Association, sharing the same principles and trying to make people discover the nature of our mountains , giving value to traditional activities and promoting cultural exchange with different countries and realities.

My dream is to turn my old grandparent’s house in a meeting point, not only for travelers but also for local people, and to create a colorful place full of energy where get birth to ideas and make them real.

The name Cà di Ach mean “do different things, experiment and try without fear mistakes”, but above all I would like my house to be a place for people who come here “to be and discover who they really are”.




5 novembre 2018

Spignattiamo con Abbi: Laboratorio di preparazione oleoliti e creme

Spignattiamo con Abbi: Laboratorio di preparazione Oleoliti e Creme E’arrivato l’autunno e noi abbiamo ancora più voglia di stare assieme! La giornata comincera’alle 9 fino a pomeriggio inoltrato. I posti sono limitati,prenota il tuo!! Il pranzo e’condiviso e tutti sono invitati a portare qualcosa!   Per info e iscrizioni: Sara […]
9 ottobre 2018

La Casa Gian di Schilapario si incontra con la Casa Gian di Lozio

La Casa Gian di Schilapario si incontra con la Casa Gian di Lozio   Ca’ di Ach, sezione scalvina del GIAN (Gruppo Italiano Amici della Natura), propone un’escursione in montagna con la sezione di Lozio (BS). Un’occasione per passare del tempo insieme immersi nella natura e conoscere meglio la nostra […]
27 giugno 2018

Erbe: Se le conosci, le ami!

Erbe: Se le conosci, le ami!   Passeggiata di riconoscimento delle erbe (alimurgiche e officinali) con Cà di Ach e  la raccoglitrice di erbe Abbi Molinari Carimati  per i sentieri di Schilpario   A pranzo cuciniamo tutti assieme con ciò che abbiamo raccolto, a seguire preparazione di un erbario e approfondimenti. Ritrovo ore […]
16 luglio 2016

Corso di pasta di pane

Corso di Pasta di Pane Ca’ di Ach organizza  “Corso pasta di pane”, tenuto da Etta Bonicelli in 3 livelli: 4/10/12 Agosto dalle 14:30 alle 17:00 30€ (materiali compresi) + 15€ di tessera annuale dell’associazione Amici della Natura Iscrizioni entro il 2 Agosto  


Friends of Nature

Friends of Nature (international abbreviation: NFI, for German : Naturfreunde International) is an international movement with a background in the Social Democratic movement , which aims to make nature accessible to the wider community by providing appropriate recreational and travel facilities. It is a non profit organization which, in addition to encouraging green tourism , which has a minimal effect on the environment, also aims to promote international friendship and understanding.

It is also known as Naturfreunde (German), Les Amis de la Nature (French), Amici della Natura (Italian), La Naturamikoj (Esperanto), and Natuurvrienden or NIVON (Dutch).

The organisation was founded in Vienna in 1895 as Naturfreunde among people associated with the emerging Social Democratic movement who enjoyed outdoor activities and began to build their own huts and overnight chalets. The movement spread and it now has 600,000 members, 3500 groups and runs some 1000 houses mainly in Europe. The houses vary in size and facilities.

In the age of incipient tourism the organisation succeeded in making nature accessible to broader population strata by providing requisite recreational and travel facilities.

Even then, the organisation's activities were aimed at getting people to beautiful natural settings, at awakening their love of nature and at imparting to them knowledge about nature and culture. Parallel with the rise of the modern industrialised society and of commercial tourism the Friends of Nature developed a professional commitment to nature and environment protection and had a major share in advancing the theory and practice of alternative forms of ecological tourism.

The organisation was banned by the Nazis in 1933, but revived in 1945.

The work of the Friends of Nature rests on the conviction that people's opportunities of personal development are inextricably linked with the protection of nature and the conservation of natural resources.

Hence, the Friends of Nature have, since their inception, taken a stand for the conservation of an environment worth living in, for peace and international understanding, for the social and democratic rights of all people, and for a meaningful organisation of leisure time. Building on their century-old tradition, the Friends of Nature are nowadays committed to the implementation of sustainable development, in particular to transboundary environmental solutions and to an environmentally and socially sound tourism.



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